In this video you can see a different techniques, how to bring illustration scene in animation in After Effects, video tutorial and script by Anthony Possobon.

Let’s find the connection in things to bring your scene to life!

In the tutorial you can learn how to create “manga style” animation and action in a scene in After Effects.
Also you can download the scripts for After Effects that can help you build that animation much faster.

Animation Movement in After Effects Script tutorial

How to create Complex Animation Movement in After Effects?

– 0:55 Animating
– 4:42 Expressions
10:30 Script(s) Overview *Spoiler* 😉
– 32:06 *AFPScriptLauncher
– 33:13 *AFPDelay
– 34:05 *AFPDelayEditor
– 36:27 *AFPBezier
– 42:17 Final animation and thoughts


(These scripts are free by Anthony Possobon.
Current build ONLY supports After Effects CC 2018/2019 for Windows 7/10 and Mac OSX in English and has had limited testing.

These scripts are not required to animate your environment with the global variable concept, think of them as more of a luxury and time saver! Also, currently, 3D position is not support.)

SOFTWARE Adobe After Effects
AFPHairRig  (script FREE ) Download:

Also check this other incredible tutorial creating 2DAnimation Hair in AfterEffects by Anthony Possobon:

Download FREE AFPHairRig

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