Animare in After Effects usando Duik Tools

Latham Arnott shows us how to animate in After Effects using Duik Tools. In this tutorial he explains how he created the “hipster cyclist” animation, with Duik tools creating the character animation. The character was created by illustrator Kirk Wallace.

Duik Tools in AE allows you to do some pretty complex things in a simple way – not just to animate characters. Duik has a really solid system for managing character animation, including an automatic rigger. If your items have been named correctly and the pins are properly managed, creating a character can be a 1-click process.

Hipster Bike Rider Tutorial
Duik Tools manages the inverse kinematics for the animation with morphing tools, and for the management of simple dynamics. Surprisingly, Duik is a free download, but in reality you should donate something, to continue the development. Check out the Duik tools for After Effects here.

Hipster Bike Rider – Tutorial *Duik*

Hipster Bike Rider – Tutorial *Duik* from Latham Arnott on Vimeo.

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