3DArt Talk with Victor Perez and Christy Anzelmo

Hi Guys, here the new episode of 😎 3DArt Talk, with Victor Perez (Visual Effects Supervisor) and Christy Anzelmo (Group Product Manager) for the Nuke team at Foundry.

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3DArt Talk #2 Victor Perez and Christy Anzelmo

Let’s talk with Victor Perez

Victor, it’s a Visual effects SuperVisor and Director and Screenwriter, author of The short film Eco, nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photo-real project.

Recently, Victor won the Italian Academy Award: David di Donatello for Best Visual Effects for “The Invisible Boy: Second Generation” movie.

1:09  Victor how was working on The Invisible Boy: Second Generation?

2:51  How was working in a small team Frame by Frame, small but amazing team

4:22  Victor the production was in Roma?

5:09  What is the different work in Rome instead on London,
you know in London after work we usually go to the pub, what’s happened in Italy.

7:37  I really appreciated the speech you made during the award ceremony for David di Donatello, it was really emotional when you talked about your experience during the earthquake at L’Aquila.
This is strong message for all those people are fighting to reach their goals despite tragic events that could happen in life. I think the 3DArt followers can get inspiration from a person like you. Can you spend a few more words about what happened to you in that moment of your life and how you faced the whole situation?

9:55  Victor when was the love for Nuke born?

12:37  Victor, the industry is growing up very fast, in terms of technology and market demand, what would you recommend to young artists who want to start this journey in VFX and digital compositing?  

14:07  Last question, if you were a superhero who would you be? and why?


Let’s talk with Christy Anzelmo

14:47  The VFX technology industry is growing very fast, the market place required fast productions and high quality, how the nuke team is working to satisfy market’s request in VFX industry?

18:35  How is divided the Nuke Team? artist and developers work togheter? what is the workflow?

20:08  Recently Roper Technologies acquires Foundry, are there any changes within Nuke team organisation?

21:27 Can I ask you the last question if you were a superhero who would you be? and why?


Interviewer: Emanuele Serra
Voice Over: Simone Grancagnolo

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