3D Artist takes a look at this very interesting tutorial released by CG Shortcuts’ Dave Bergin on how to create 3D Scanning objects in a few steps, using Display.land a free 3D scanning app for your Smart Phone!

You can scan objects with your phone and output them straight from your phone to your 3D software of choice – including Cinema 4D.

How to create 3D Scanning objects in a few steps?

Tutorial from CG Shortcuts’ Dave Bergin

3D scanning app for smart Phone!


You could also try this method for re-texturing your 3D scans in this article: /3d-scan-uv-texture-remap-c4d/

Download 3D Scanning with Phone App

The Display.land Studio is a free cloud editor and real-time 3D engine that empowers anyone to publish shared, persistent 3D, AR and VR experiences that can be played by anyone, from anywhere, on any device.

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