3D Procedural Modeling in Houdini

Houdini beginners and 3DArtist don’t miss the new video tutorial released on CG Monkey King by David Ferreira, you’ll learn how to create a procedural 3d modelling in Houdini.

David Ferreira shows how to create a procedural boxy mineral, rock in Houdini using simple techniques.

How to create procedural in Houdini?

The tutorial covers some different techniques that Ferreira used in a personal project, the level is perfect for the beginner level.
Do you need more tutorial? Here you can find a tutorial that covers the growth effects in Houdini.

CGMK Tutorial – Mineral Boxes (with the HIP file)

Proceduralized in Houdini

You can download the hip file here:


Second tutorial on the mineral subject, where David Ferreira shows us how to create a very simple system to simulate fractal growth to generate a mineral structure.

CGMK Tutorial – Fractal Mineral Growth ( with a HIP file)

Download the HIP File:


This is the third tutorial on the topic of minerals.
David Ferreira shows us how to create the shading and lighting of the mineral with Redshift.

CGMK Tutorial – Rendering the Mineral with Redshift ( HIP file and Substance textures available )

Download Hip file here:


Download Substance textures:


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