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Emanuele Serra

Motion and VFX Artist

Sono un Digital Artist, 3D Artist & Digital Compositing, e vivo a Londra. Da oltre 10 anni alterno il mio lavoro di freelance a quello dell’insegnamento. Con 3DArt.it voglio creare un punto di raccolta e di convisione di risorse e tutorial, utili per tutti i CG Artists e creativi che vogliono avere una visione a 360° sul 3D, VFX e Motion Design.

Matteo Migliorini

CG & VFX Artist

VFX/CG Artist specialized in Fluid, Particles, Dynamic effects, I work for advertising, video corporate, icebreaker and trainning for Oil&Gas or advanced technology.

Luca Apperti

3D Modeler

Junior 3D modeller, esperto in Blender, sogna un mondo dove l’open source la faccia da padrona.

Elisabetta Paolucci

Tradutrice & Web Content Manager

Gill Mestari

Gill is a Designer, creative and an animator with over 6 years of experience in the field. Although he currently aim to focus more on the elements of design and preproduction he can also boast solid foundation in modeling animation and compositing due to the fact during the course of his professional development he worked in small teams or as a solo artist. In this way he gained proficient knowledge in Cinema 4D, After effects and Adobe Creative Suite developing a simple, rapid and flexible work-flow method of execution.

Luca Valletta

VFX Artist

Digital Compositor e VFX Artist, he's working between Canada and Europe, in big facilities like MPC, Double Negative, OutpostVFX, Trixter and UPP. He always looking for improving the new technologies known in the VFX world.

Sebastiano Pupino


Film producer and director born in Italy and working in London.