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In this section you can find resources and Tutorial about Nuke, and VFX world. is a platform where you can find tutorial and Free Resources for 3D Artist and CG Artist, 2D and 3D animation designer. We wish you good navigation.
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How ReLight in Nuke

How Relight scene in Nuke? VFX Creative Director at “Fire Without Smoke” Hugo Guerra shows us in this Tutorial. In Nuke we can use the 3D Objects in our...

Getting Started V-Ray for Nuke

V-rai per Nuke: in questo video vedremo come impostare a una scena 3d in Nuke, il motore di rendering V-Ray, il tutto nella pipeline nodale di Nuke. Questo v...
Free Course The Foundry Nuke

Free Course The Foundry Nuke

Condividiamo la risorsa molto interessante realizzata dal VFX Artist Matteo Migliorini su The Foundry Matteo -matEvil- Migliorini www.vfxandg...